Apple Leak Reveals Radical New iPhone XI,ASO

The industry warnings were real and it means, perhaps for the first time,Apple AAPL +4.36% is under pressure to reignite interest in the iPhone. We know the company is considering a redesign but, for the first time, we know how…

Acclaimed industry insider Steve Hemmerstoffer, aka @onleaks, has today revealed Apple’s biggest change coming to the 2019 iPhone. And, given his exceptional track record, we can expect the back of new iPhones to look very different indeed.

Apple iPhone XI triple camera based on leaksONLEAKS

Yes, Apple is working on a successor to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max (tentatively referred to as the ‘iPhone XI’) which uses a triple rear camera. Moreover, it is a camera setup unlike any other.

Tying in with an earlier leak from Bloomberg, Hemmerstoffer’s partner site says Apple is working to incorporate long distance Time of Flight (ToF) technology. Already showcased by ToF module creator Sony, it will enable next-generation iPhones to create detailed 3D maps of anything within five metres. The repercussions for security, gaming and augmented reality applications could be game-changing.

Hemmerstoffer stresses that the iPhone XI is currently at the Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage which means the design is not yet final. But he has found a significant ally in hugely popular (and equally accurate) industry insider Ice Universe who validated the leak, so the information looks rock solid.

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