ASO & App 推广 : Complete App Store Optimization Solution

What’s the first thing you look at when you click on an app listing?

For many of us, this is the icon or the screenshots you’ve provided. You want to make sure your icon stands out and is eye appealing as users are scrolling through the results to make an inviting first impression.

Through the assistance of our designers, we make sure searchers are intrigued by the icon, clicking on your listing.

Once they’re in, we create an optimized description to add value to the experience. We use this area to effectively sell your app with the appropriate level of optimization.

The most important factors of your on-page optimization for the App Store and Play Store include:

  • Title: Include most important keyword in your title.
  • Description: Fully explain the benefits and value of your app.
  • Screenshots: Users want to see visuals. Show your best features with different images.
  • Video: Show a trailer of your app with a trailer.
  • Localization: Are you targeting countries that may speak a different language? Use localization in the metadata to customize the experience for all your users.
  • Keywords: We research the phrases and terms that are relevant to the app without being too general. The goal is to increase conversions.

We describe the best features, how your users will benefit from having it in their library, and the expectations they should have when downloading. Then, with your help, we choose a category. It’s an important decision as it will get you in front of the right eyes.

Check out our article in Search Engine Journal to learn how to correctly optimize your app.

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