ASO – Social Media Marketing Strategies For Your App Promotion Media Marketing Strategies For Your App Promotion

Mobile App developers often tend to undermine their social media marketing strategy. What they don’t realize is that an effective social media marketing is primary to find, retain and grow your user base. With thousands of apps offering more and less the same service as yours, how can you sell your services any differently? The secret lies in the social media platforms that your users are browsing 24/7 and it through these social media tools, you can identify your key app audience, increase brand awareness, generate downloads and build user engagement.

So, are you ready to take your app’s social media marketing plan to new heights?

Create pre-launch buzz 

Contrary to what many app developers believe, an effective social media marketing plan should precede the launch of your app. By creating some pre-launch buzz and awareness about the value-add your app offers to user’s life, you can create a strong pool of potential downloads.

Different platforms need different preparation

Every platform caters to a different need, while Linkedin adopts a more formal theme, the content on Instagram has to be catchy and crisp. Don’t be afraid to loop in user’s curiosity by posting updates of your mobile app development. Ask for their opinion on polls, use social figures to promote the app on these platforms and use a call-to-action to invite people to sign up and get notified when the app launches. Doing this will also bring you a future email marketing list and empower your social media marketing plan.

Content is the king

Your mobile app can never explore its true potential, if enough buzz hasn’t been created around it. To make the best of each social media platform, developers must devote a strong attention to their content marketing. Find a clear value proposition in your content curation and add it to your social media marketing ideas.

Paid Advertising

Today’s generation of digital natives is extremely impatient, if your content doesn’t offer any new insight into their day, they will disregard it instantly. They also tend to mimic celebrity lifestyle and are more likely to download an app that’s recommended by famous people. Paid app promotion thus goes a long way if your target audience is Millennials. According to mobile marketers at Apps World London, 50% of respondents said they plan to spend over 25% of their digital media budget on social advertising on mobile.

Video advertising 

While blogs do contribute to app marketing to a certain extent, there’s nothing more attention-grabbing than a catchy video. A video trailer is a great way to introduce your app to the world and shouldn’t be omitted from your social media marketing ideas. Keep it quirky, informative ( genre, offered value proposition, etc.) and include a call to action either in the video or in the surrounding descriptions. Besides videos, make sure to share screenshots and other visually relative content across your social media channels.

Keep it Simple

Like I mentioned earlier, today’s generation of digital natives is an impatient breed. They are surrounded by a world that offers instant gratification. If your app is not easy to download, they won’t sweat too hard to download it. Make sure your app promotion follows a one-click download strategy. The same rule of app marketing can be applied to the content you create. Make it available and shareable while they’re accessing that content. If followed properly, these social media marketing tips will augment your downloads immensely.

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