The annual CES (consumer electronics trade show) in Las Vegas—which is the largest consumer electronics and technology exhibition across the globe—with almost 175,000 expected visitors and 4,000 exhibitors will start in this week with around 20% lesser Chinese merchants. Due to the ongoing US-China trade spat and a rising verbal war amid the two biggest economies globally over management in a range of innovations and cutting-edge technologies, like AI (artificial intelligence) and 5G mobile networks.

Shaun Rein—Managing Director of China Market Research Group—stated that Chinese firms are worried due to tariffs of the trade war. He further added that attending an exhibition like CES is exclusive and with the U.S. President Donald Trump’s rant toward Chinese technology, the companies based in China are reconsidering their plan to invest in the U.S. A total of 1,211 Chinese firms have registered to attend the trade show this year, as reported to the CES exhibitor register as of January 4, 2019, correlated to 1,751 firms from the U.S. The Chinese number has lowered almost 20% from a record 1,551 in the last year, as per the statistics provided by the CTA (Consumer Technology Association).

In the context of ongoing trade spat, Apple’s sales loss in China and an unexpected dip in the U.S. productivity economy are the recent indications that the Trump government’s trade war with China is striking home and that can aid in ending it, some analysts and economists said. China’s financial system has been shuffling, but Apple’s latest disclosure that its iPhone sales in China declined sharply in November proved that the U.S. trade war is affecting the U.S. companies and possibly the domestic economy. Soon after Apple’s declaration, ISM’s manufacturing data reduced to the lowest level in over 2 Years.

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