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I’ve tried hundreds of smartphones, but personally keep coming back to the iPhone, both for my own personal use and for recommending to other people. Why?

  • Intuitive user experience: There’s a reason toddlers can use iOS.
  • Customer service: I don’t like Apple’s aversion to DIY repair either, but show me another company with a network of stores that will fix your device.
  • They don’t crash: I have yet to own an Android phone that doesn’t require the occasional restart.
  • Yes, the battery-throttling scandal was a huge bummer. But in general, if you keep an iPhone under its storage capacity, don’t expose it to extreme temperatures, and keep the battery in a healthy range, it’ll last for years.

If all that sounds appealing, know that for most people older iPhones will do pretty much everything a new one will do, for much, much cheaper. Your camera might be less incredible than the latest model, and apps might take a bit longer to load, but so long as you’re only a few generations behind, your hardware will keep up with the newest software. iOS 12, which works with iPhones going back to the iPhone 5s, gives an appreciable performance boost to older phones.

Apple would rather you buy a new phone, of course, and so that process is much easier than trying to figure out the safest and best way to buy used. But we’re here to help.

Three Quick Tips

  • Try to wait until right after the next iPhone announcement. Those annual September events are when new iPhones come out, which will make older versions cheaper.
  • Whichever model you get, buy one with at least 64 GB of storage. Any less and you’ll fill up too quickly.
  • Also, check which iPhone will work with your wireless carrier. Searching listings, for example, specific to T-Mobile or Verizon make this easier, but it’s a good idea to check if you’re buying from an individual or eBay.

The Safest, Most Reliable: Apple Refurbished

Inventory can be slim, and not as cheap as other options, but Apple’s refurbished site is the most secure way to buy a used device.


The secret of refurbished stuff is that it’s usually brand-new. For example, someone bought it and returned it because it was the wrong device without ever opening the package. These iPhones are inspected for any defects, then sold on this hidden section of Apple’s site, with the warranty.

I’d buy an iPhone here. The phones typically aren’t much more expensive than the other services we’ll discuss, and because you’re buying directly from Apple, you get Apple’s customer service embrace. If you don’t see a specific storage size and color you want, check back because inventory changes.

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