How to Do ASO for Android Apps on Google Play Store – Ultimate Guide for 2018

In this article we will dive deep into ASO (AKA App Store Optimization) for Android apps on Google Play Store. We have written a complete guide on how to optimize every element of listing in order to improve the visibility and boost organic downloads in year 2018.

Are you launching your first app on Google Play Store? Are you choosing your first app keywords? Sure you have a lot of questions and, maybe, need some help. Our play store optimization guide will show you what to do and how to do it. Let’s start!

Update: we have just published a complete App Store ASO guide. Check it out!

Ultimate guide on how to optimize your Google Play Store listing / page for ASO in 2018

There are currently more than 5,3 million mobile applications on the biggest stores: Apple App Store and Google Play. The stores keep on growing exponentially and getting more competitive, so achieving a good visibility on the stores has become the biggest challenge for developers and marketers.

App Store Optimization is an essential strategy for mobile iOS & Android businesses, and a great solution to maximize visibility, improve search rankings, increase the conversion rate and drive more organic installs.

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Let’s start from some theory:

Quick ASO definition

ASO, or App Store Optimization, is the process of optimizing mobile apps and games to maximize the visibility and improve the conversion rate to install. It is sometimes called an “App Store SEO” because of its similarity with Search Engine Optimization, but technically, ASO is not only about visibility in search, but also about conversion rate optimization.

It’s important to remark that ASO is not “SEO”. SEO for Google Play exists, but although it’s related, it’s not the same thing.

ASO Strategy 101

The App Store Optimization strategy consists of 3 main processes:

  1. Market Research & Keyword Optimization
  2. Google Play Store optimization & A/B testing
  3. Tracking / monitoring… and repeating the whole process 

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