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iOS 11 introduced a massive redesign to the Apple App Store, that not only dramatically altered the look and feel of Apple’s app marketplace, but it laid the foundation for a more personalized content marketing strategy. And personalization* is precisely what iOS 12 is all about.

While we do not expect to see major design changes to the App Store in iOS 12, we do expect to see, however, a significant change to the native app discovery experience. The iOS 12 App Store will adopt a machine-learning framework to offer personalized app spotlights and recommendations to users based on their previous app downloads and usage patterns.

This type of framework isn’t new by any means. With today’s technology and big data, tracking user preferences and history in order to provide customers with a more personal experience has become the norm across the web. Google jumped on the bandwagon in 2012 by adding personalized app recommendations to the Play Store.

In the case of the Apple App Store
, providing content that caters to users’ individual interest is a great opportunity for conversions, but it certainly comes with drawbacks for app publishers.

I’ll unpack all of this, but first let’s take a look at the updates…


Overview of Expected iOS 12 App Store Updates

iOS 12 App Store Updates

Besides minor aesthetic tweaks, most App Store content and design will remain the same in iOS 12. In fact, the changes are so subtle to the eye that most users won’t even notice the update. In actuality, however, much will change in terms of the user experience.

Here’s what you can expect*…

Today Page

  • New “You May Have Missed” section on the Today page
    In iOS 11, users were able to browse through content that was published within the last seven days by scrolling down the Today page
    . In iOS 12, content that was previously published will be found under the new “You May Have Missed” section.
  • Personalized stories, spotlights, and app recommendations: In the efforts to create a more personalized user experience, apps that are featured on the Today page
     will now be slightly more tailored to user preferences. Therefore, the content displayed on the Today page
     will vary slightly for each user.

Games and Apps Pages

  • Personalized app recommendations: On the Games page
    , an algorithm will replace the chronological feed in which users will be shown more personalized game recommendations higher up on the list. The Apps page
     is currently not personalized.

Product Page

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