Poll: Is it time for Apple to reassess the 70/30 App Store revenue split?ASO

Since 2008, Apple has implemented the same 70/30 revenue split on all App Store purchases. Recently however, companies have been actively fighting against the cut.

The matter has even wondered near the US Supreme Court, with arguments being heard by the court last November.

Just weeks ago, developer of Fortnite, Epic Games, sought to launch its own app store with a more gracious 88/12 revenue split.

A report by Bloomberg Quint reiterates the ever nagging issue, mentioning how just as Apple revisits earning estimates due to flailing iPhone sales, now marks a poor time to lower its cut. However, the issue can’t be ignored outright either.

Just last week, Netflix removed the ability for future customers to subscribe via the App Store, instead requiring users to head to Netflix.com directly to circumvent the 30% fee.

In December, we recapped the top grossing iOS apps of 2018, with Netflix taking the top spot at just under $800 million generated throughout the year. In second came Tencent Video at around $490 million.

Days after Apple lowered earnings expectations, the company quickly touted record-breaking App Store revenue over the holiday season, with $322 million earned on New Year’s Day alone.

A graph provided in today’s Bloomberg report estimates continually growing App Store revenue well into the next two years, with the $20 billion annual mark rapidly approaching.

How about you? We know some of you are App Store developers yourselves. How do you feel about the 70/30 revenue split? Do you think it’s time for Apple to readdress the issue, or are things fair how they are currently?

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