Qualcomm lately took measures to implement a court order debarring the sale of a few iPhone models in Germany, a step that will probably see Apple taking away those iPhone models from its German market. The U.S. chip manufacturer posted obligation of 1.34 Billion Euros (1.21 Billion pounds) in the course of a legal requirement by a German court, which discovered on December 20, 2018, that Apple had disobeyed Qualcomm patents on the power-saving technology that is used in smartphones. Apple had previously said it will pull iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models from its 15 retail stores in Germany after the order came into action.

This case is Qualcomm’s third foremost effort to lock a ban on Apple’s beneficial iPhones over patent breaching allegations after the same moves in the U.S., China, and is an element of a global patent dispute amid the two companies. As per to the court command, Apple has to discontinue the sale, offer, and trade of all trespassing iPhones in Germany. The court also regulated Apple to suspend the affected iPhones from third-party suppliers in Germany. In its prior statement on the verdict, Apple had said it will persist to offer all of its phones at numerous carrier and retail locations across Germany, a straight challenge to Qualcomm’s interpretation of the order.

On a similar note, recently, Qualcomm was also in news as the chipmaker has received a trial in the U.S. FTC (Federal Trade Commission) case that terrorizes its smartphone dominance. Approximately, 2 Years after the U.S. FTC sued Qualcomm—setting free a sequence of experiential disputes to the organization’s business model—the chipmaker is ready to get its chance to square the record. The lawyers for the company and the authoritarian agency are set to start presenting arguments on January 4, 2019, in a 10-Day non-jury trial for the claims that Qualcomm is mistreating its strength in the market for smartphone modules to force Apple and others to compensate inflated license fees.

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