Why you should include ASO in your marketing strategy right now

Discover the trend that can boost your results and that is transforming the mobile market

With the increasing migration of users from desktop to their cell phones, it’s no surprise that the market is racing to implement the best strategies to connect to a mobile audience – and of course, profit from it.

As the name suggests, App Store Optimisation (ASO) has its similarities with SEO. It’s the effort of improving the position of apps in the major download stores for mobile devices, ultimately driving as much traffic as possible by improving visibility and optimising the conversion visit-to-install rate.

Like SEO, there are plenty of instructions and strategies available, but also like SEO, these are constantly updated, meaning anyone involved in ASO will need to keep up to speed with the changing market in order to keep those downloads ticking along.

If your business has an app, or is considering one, it’s essential to take the first step of familiarising yourself with ASO, especially when you consider that your app could be directly connected with your company’s success. Here are some reasons to start right now:

  1. 65% of global app downloads come from searches

For your app to be successful, it’s crucial to know your audience and rank for relevant and high-volume search terms. Keyword research is one of the core pillars of ASO; master it and debunk the belief that ASO can’t bring volume. By 2020, the number of app downloads is forecasted to reach 258bn – that’s an uplift from 197bn in 2017.

  1. High-quality traffic

For marketers, a daily challenge is reaching an audience that really matters to us. Focusing our energy this way means we can guarantee higher retention rates. Close attention to your ASO will allow you reach these core users organically ensuring your traffic is more and more refined.

  1. ASO leads to better (and cheaper) user acquisition

All the conversion rate optimisation (CRO) processes involved in ASO help app developers to increase conversion rates (CR%) and thus, permit lower bids, as most of the traffic sources’ algorithms weight this variable for delivery and relevance – meaning cheaper costs.

Nothing better than an example to see how this all works in practice, right? The mobile game “The Respawnables” recently reached 45m downloads in five years of operationIn the past year, Digital Legends Entertainment (which owns the game) went on to work with ASO and the number of organic downloads in the Google Play store grew from approximately 9k to 35k installs (per day) as shown in the following chart:

Chart 1 . Mobile Game “The Respawnables” – Organic Installs & ASO Updates

Source: Customer case study developed by Lab Cave

If you are interested in starting to work with ASO, be aware: unlike desktop where most users are concentrated in a single determinant – Google search – in the mobile world this distribution is more fluid and each platform has its own rules and instructions. The dominant ones are Google Play and App Store, followed by Windows Store and Amazon App Store. The good news is that, to the relief of those starting out, the most basic instructions are shared between both platforms, (such as keeping attractive icons, interesting screenshots and having good ratings, for example).

Now that you know a little more about the importance of ASO, take advantage of the tips to incorporate this strategy into your marketing planning and improve your business results. Be prepared!

Lab Cave has achieved more than 200 million organic downloads with its own titles and provides ASO, Publishing and Ad Mediation services for mobile Apps and games. Part of Fibonad Group, the largest Spanish digital advertising group offering Branding, Performance and Publishing services.

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